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On the Beach

The waves pull me back and forth, they hiss and foam towards the cliffs. I dip my brush in the ocean. It tastes of salt when I shape it into a smooth end. I let it glide over the azure blue color and splash the blue color on a watercolor paper that is the same white shade as the foam on the rocks. The blue color runs in streaks and I turn and twist the paper to control where the color spreads. I have another brush that is wider. It has a flat top with bristles of straw like an elegant moustache. I let it sit in the water for a longer time and then sprinkle the paper with beach sand. These streaks lift the blue letting the white paper shine through just there. I wipe my hand off on a rock beside me. It is rough and gray, but if you look closer it is both brown, blue, pink and green.

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I take the same brush and moisten it with the brown sepia. Between two rocks I see a feather, most likely from a seagull. The feather is white with a spot of black. It is soft as silk. I lie the outmost part of the feather in the watered down brown color and turn the feather around on the paper. This creates round forms that can represent rocks or waves. Now I take the smaller brush and color it with blue, the same color as my jeans, indigo blue. I twist my wrist so that the color splashes onto the paper in the direction that I want it to. I then take the moustache like brush, blending it with the brown color together with a warm melon yellow and much water. The paper has almost dried when I take the wide brush and paint a horizontal line over the painting. I lean back against a rock that is warm from the sun. The paper and color has dried quickly. A shimmering layer of salt lies across the color. It begins to glimmer like crystals over what I have painted. I look out over the ocean and put aside the watercolor paper. The ocean seems infinite. The rocks around me are a protective wall. The foam forms bubbles and the green moss is soft on the rocks. That which is close to me is controllable. There is a part of nature I can capture in my own way. I can forget my fear of all that is powerful around me. The endless ocean that lies in front of me. Nature's colors are more visible close up, one can loose a lot from too much light. I see the most beautiful colors when it drizzles or rains, then it is satisfying to the eye.

Sometimes I paint with my camera >>>