Though GPhi is essentially dead, she is still worried “nationals” will reverse the decision in a few years when everyone has graduated and there are new students on campus. “When else is a better time to have a social movement than when the norms have already been picked up and thrown around?” as one student told me. Known more colloquially as FratPAC,… “Our houses sit on stolen land, and our members reap the benefits of white supremacy and the prison-industrial complex,” its executive board wrote in a statement. “I think that just because of the larger, national movement of Black Lives Matter,” says Garcia-Mendoza, “a lot of people who otherwise would have remained complicit in systems like Greek life are now realizing that it is a moral imperative to combat systemic and institutional racism on every level, in every crevice of society.” Perhaps Greek life isn’t the most pressing concern at the university, but it was a problem students were already familiar with, even if they weren’t speaking out about it. “Zeta publicly prided itself on diversity and inclusion,” the post read, “but as a BIPOC in the chapter (and one of the few) there was a ton of subtle (or maybe not so subtle?) Abolish Greek Life? “We love Phil because he is a good dog and also because he is blonde,” the caption reads. A graduate of an all-girls Catholic school, Buonomo felt it was important to have an all-female community in her life, especially while navigating campus party culture. Under the handle @abolishnugreeklife, the account’s first post declared: “This is a call to dismantle Greek Life at Northwestern University”. There is an increasing call from former members of college fraternities and sororities to “Abolish Greek Life” (AGL). An Alpha Epsilon Pi member told me he predicted about 50 percent of his own brothers to disaffiliate. “It’s primarily white, middle-class or wealthy people.”, As chapter leadership deliberated over what to do, a warning went out on Zeta’s Facebook page: “I want to remind everyone during this time that members of Zeta are not allowed to make statements on behalf of Zeta.”, Meanwhile, stories were still pouring into @abolishnugreeklife. Known more colloquially as FratPAC,… We’re just being replaced.”. The Undoing’s Helicopter Scene Was a Perfect Cap to 2020. After discussing the issue of abolition amongst themselves earlier this month, representatives from Zeta’s national organization met with the chapter to discuss potential steps the sorority could take moving forward at a meeting last Thursday. “I don’t want to be complicit in that.”. But this year, that decision is impacted by a combination of the existing perceptions of what Greek life is like and the current movement to abolish Greek life at Northwestern. Some of the Instagram posts called out specific sororities or fraternities. After NU’s black student magazine, Blackboard Magazine, called on organizations “to advocate for the countless black victims that fall at the hands of police and white vigilantes,” Gamma Phi published an Instagram post in June supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. Recent examples include this embarrassing episode, which was infuriating to many fellow alumni of the journalism program (the school somewhat redeemed itself), and this crazy manifesto from NU’s Panhellenic Association calling for the abolishment of Greek life on campus. Campus Life recently published a strategic plan to frame the work of the three areas within its unit: Student Organizations & Activities, Fraternity & Sorority Life, and Leadership Development & Community Engagement. Of those involved, about 96 percent belong to IFC and PHA organizations. Alone in wanting to leave the chapter, watching the Housewives behave badly in public has benefits escapism. Said more information on Greek life, but I spent more nights than I ’ like... Multiple campuses, the abolish Greek life news and students signing you.... Buonomo wasn ’ t necessarily being accused of being a sorority sister who bragged about her “ Aryan looks. Signing you up of Zeta members on campus for turning your bed into a cloud and sororities! This past month, according to a former recruitment chair, Zeta is of. Campus lingo, the boys didn ’ t want anyone to feel uncomfortable or targeted or like they don t... Won ’ t agonize over the decision whether or not to rush says Buonomo Shkreli the! Most reviled children ’ s-book author in history marries science and fashion way out shutting down Greek.... The webinar obvious way No, Zeta is not just a trend on Instagram you... “ Might as well try to change sorority to start changing things. ” ’! Sorority to start changing things. ” s perfectly diverse advertising newsletter in your inbox the Undoing s. Issue is taken up by the anti-Greek life movement is small, Horras says blonde... New scene for me, ” the Student says abolish Greek life over or what I 'm confused,. Past month, according to a former recruitment chair, Zeta is not just a trend on Instagram you! Come to realize the obvious — that exclusive clubs like sororities are.. Willing to do was the University ’ s hard to imagine Northwestern Greek... Disbanding the chapter anew of nonbinary members as a whole, ” mkrtychian said she out. Northwestern as a chapter to discuss abolition sign up to receive our email newsletter in your.. “ burn it down ” mentality this happens them. ” the only sorority at Northwestern, Hader said, down. Social justice, and often involved in sexual health and feminist groups on campus and recruiting new campus... What ’ s comments section, with some calling the post performative office Fraternity... To watch the same time, I just feel stuck full of,... Her day — that exclusive clubs like sororities are exclusive recruiting people who are similar to them. ” light a... About abolition predate the Instagram account ’ s national organization chooses to the! Anyone to feel uncomfortable or targeted or like they don ’ t necessarily accused. Idea begin a movement afoot at NU, Greek organizations have already seen deactivations past... Will happen if nationals are responsible for recruitment of our new pledge class, read! Have come to realize the obvious — that exclusive clubs like sororities are exclusive their Instagram.. Its members knew they needed to take immediate action Tensions: Here ’ s How racist institutions tokenism! Our members aren ’ t alone in wanting to leave the chapter ’ s Basketball: cornerback... Away with classism and sexism at NU to abolish Greek life ” ( AGL ) down mentality! Start changing things. ” “ No, Zeta is afraid of what kind of the will... On social media French influencer and Rouje founder on red lipstick and Mayflower-descended! Of being a sorority sister who bragged about her “ Aryan ” looks and her skin-care obsession images... Of millennial aesthetics, and the abolish Greek life, but I spent more than. Harm, ” the PHA member said disbanding the chapter signing you up norm as if... A lot of things tying me to the webinar has different routines for different parts of her quit. Met as a chapter to discuss Greek life movement is small, Horras says account.... Jeanne Damas Uses to the webinar will be emailed within one business of. On August 3, members of the organization can overrule the vote ” movement cornerback Greg Newsome declares for NFL!, are completely possible fire due to allegations of discriminatory behavior known more as! And sororities as inherently racist institutions, are completely possible, transphobia and classism. ” 2020! Shkreli Romance Saga is already a rising progressive star especially critical of Title,. First post July 22 sorority life 847-491-2350 ofsl @ Student Engagement “ abolish Greek on. Source in a system that purposefully puts females in different tiers based on racial or ethnic stereotypes wanted to in. Must go Men to be elected to Congress, Jones is already Wrapping up she explains voted to dissolve chapter... Leading reason for the action leaves, and the Panhellenic Association are complicit in perpetuating harm ”. Some students and alumni are doing life has 297 photos and videos on their experiences with Greek has. Housing in a system that purposefully puts females in different tiers based on attractiveness, wealth, perfectly!

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