This delicious bourbon caramel sauce is a must make. Your sauce is darker or lighter than mine: different types and grades of maple syrup will produce slightly different colorations, but don’t worry, they’re all delicious. Then add the cream and salt and mix in gently. In a heavy saucepan add the maple syrup and brown sugar, heat on low/medium heat until boiling, place candy thermometer in the pot and continue on a low boil until temperature reaches 235F (112C), stirring every couple of minutes with a wooden spoon. No corn syrup or golden syrup added to this one. Combine cream, maple syrup, and corn syrup in a saucepan and stir to combine. This is a rich, sweet caramel sauce that can be made at the last minute that is great on bread pudding, gingerbread, apple pie, chopped apples, ice cream, and anything else you want to put it on. I prefer my Caramel Sauce just that! Ingredient notes. They are super delicious! It will thicken as it cools, and will thicken … Maple Pecan Caramel Sauce recipe for Maple Pecan Caramel Skillet Cookies. ; Maple Syrup – You will want the highest quality for this recipe as the maple tones are throughout this caramel sauce. The Original Caramels Homemade Caramels With Heavy Cream – The Original Caramels. Maple syrup is the base that gives the caramel taste, do not just buy any syrup go for a pure high quality one. Süße Sauce ohne Kompromisse - in leckeren Sorten; Für Eis, Pfannkuchen, frisch gebackene Waffeln, Pancakes, Gebäck oder auch Kuchen geeignet. But the real reason I’m ga-ga for this stuff is because of the maple caramel sauce.I purposely reduced the sugar in this peach slump recipe to make room for the sweet maple caramel sauce. You definitely need to use maple syrup. Your sauce is thin: you may have undercooked it by a bit. Required fields are marked *. In a 4 quart sauce pan, bring the maple syrup to a boil over medium heat; let the syrup boil without stirring until it reaches 250°F on a candy thermometer, about 10 minutes. The best simple real maple syrup caramel sauce you will ever make. If you are looking for a caramel sauce that uses just whole ingredients and is more natural this is … Pour into a heat safe jar and let cool before refrigerating. ; Date paste, it is easy to make or just process about 4 dates without the skin. Fit the pan with a clip on candy thermometer. Cook over medium-low to medium heat, stirring constantly, for 15 minutes or until sauce is reduced and thick (sauce should bubble slightly as it's cooking.) It’s super easy to make, so let’s gather our ingredients and get right to it. Remove from heat, add the butter and stir until melted, add the cream and combine. ; Heavy Cream – There are no substitutes you have to have heavy cream for this recipe. If you love to eat, you’ve come to the right place because I dish it up fast and fresh here at TVFGI. Another issue might be that your thermometer is incorrect: to test it, immerse it in a pot of boiling water…it should read 212F. There’s not really much need to stir at all because it’s just the syrup, so I would say leave it. De frost overnight in the refrigerator, stir well before using. Confession. Combine cream, maple syrup, and corn syrup in a saucepan and stir to combine. Looking forward to your new awesome recipes. It depends on your definition of healthier. Simmer for 7-10 minutes, … The result is a smooth silky caramel sauce that has the lovely flavor of caramelized maple. All Rights Reserved. Slowly pour in cream. Caramel Apple Dip Ingredients. You must try this decadent Caramel Pecan Sauce, you won’t be sorry! Don't try this with imitation syrup, it will only work with pure maple syrup. Stir every few minutes with a heat proof spatula or spoon to reduce the bubbles. One of my absolute favorite things to make is caramel sauce. Add some to your coffee to make your own unique salted maple caramel latte (move over Starbucks. Sweet, creamy, luscious, maple syrup caramel sauce so easy to make with only 2 ingredients. The sauce is divine and is fabulous over ice cream. Makes 8 servings. Things this could go on/in:-Ice cream-Brownies-Toast with butter (omg)-Your morning coffee -…like anything and everything else. Cook, stirring constantly, until sugar is completely dissolved, then … Did you heat the mixture past 230F? You're going to want this salted caramel sauce in your coffee, on your ice cream, and drizzled over all your fall desserts! Ordinary milk and even light cream can't handle the heat of caramelized sugar and will quickly produce grainy clumps of curdled milk proteins. Make sure it gets to 230F and make sure your thermometer is accurate, see above. The perfect Topping. at the top of the article Wikipedia states caramelization occurs at 338 degrees, yet your recipe calls for 225-230 degrees. Pour into glass … Reduce heat to a gentle simmer. Hi Ann, thanks hope you liked it. There are so many things you can do with caramel sauce – toss it into popcorn, drizzle it on top of ice cream, dip apples in it, and even make your own caramel candy. This looks a treat, but I’m worried it might be a little thin–Do you have any suggestions for how I might thicken it? Preparation. Looks delicious. Stirring every 2 minutes with a wood spoon, Remove from heat, stir in the butter until melted, Pour the sauce into a jar and let cool completely. Each time I make this it comes out a little different. (What will you do with yours?). Whisk in maple syrup and bring to a boil. You mentioned substituting full fat coconut milk for the cream and butter. The cooled sauce should be well covered and stored in the refrigerator, it will last up to two weeks. Since you’re using your own amazing maple syrup I would go with the heavy cream and not take a chance! Bring to a boil over medium heat. It’s THAT good. Full-fat heavy cream and real maple syrup are non-negotiable ingredients. And don’t worry thinking that it is so thin once it is cooked. The folks I would be giving it to are all on the opposite coast from me. Unsubscribe at any time. You can use this sauce just like you would caramel sauce: on ice cream, on fruit, on crumbles, as a filling for cupcakes, or, my personal favorite, in these Maple Caramel Pecan Bars! Spoon some of the warm Maple-Caramel Sauce onto eight dessert plates; sprinkle with some of the toasted pecans. You can use full fat coconut milk instead.. Stonewall Kitchen Sauce, Maple Honey Caramel, 12.5 Ounce by Stonewall Kitchen. Too much stirring can cause the mixture to crystallize. Yes, that’s a good choice. Evaporated milk is concentrated enough to curdle, producing a light and attractive sauce that … The heavy bottom helps prevent scorching. I like that it’s really fast and easy. And so, so many more. I did make an easy version of a Caramel Sauce made with Sweetened Condensed Milk, that I made for my daughter’s No Bake Skor Cheesecake with Caramel Drizzle. Cook over medium-heat until sauce starts to bubble. And of course, the ultimate ice cream sundae. einer bewussten Ernährung. This recipe calls for a slightly lower temp because the maple tends to burn easily. For an easy go-to caramel sauce, try Ree Drummond's recipe, perfect over ice cream or pie, from The Pioneer Woman on Food Network. I’ve just printed the recipe out. Bring to a boil, whisking often. Home » Dessert » Salted Maple Caramel Sauce (easy recipe! Now that Thanksgiving is over, I’m on the candy and cookie making rampage. Reduce the heat and let it reduce to half the amount, stirring frequently. Sue, I want to make this sauce for gifts. That is how I feel about … Bring the caramel sauce up to a boil (and continue to mix until it becomes thick and to the consistency of your liking). If I were you I’d opt for more of a maple buttercream, and maybe use maple extract to boost the flavor. Hi L, The cooled sauce should be well covered and stored in the refrigerator, it will last up to two weeks. Baked Apple Butter Cake Donuts with Maple Frosting. Add the cream. This sauce doesn’t always make it “on top” of anything, except my spoon. Holy SHIZZ you guys. Maple syrup – Normally you can use honey in place of syrup, but for this recipe, I do NOT recommend it. I’ve just spent a whole day in the kitchen making candy and these Maple Caramels are one of the first recipes I made. Well last night I made your Maple Caramel sauce and it is so Delicious… Thankyou for the share. When it comes to dessert, sometimes it pays to go over the top. The pie can also be made with honey or maple syrup but let’s be real, caramel always wins. Came together so quickly. But really this is more of a sauce, so I’m not sure I would recommend it for filling macarons. My mission? Thank in advance, looking forward to trying it! Copyright ©2020, An Italian in my Kitchen. ), Top a cheesecake with it or drizzle over a. With a generous sprinkling of salt. You can use full fat coconut milk instead.. Dropping flavor bombs left and right. Salted butter helps amp up the saltiness of this caramel sauce as well and should be used along with actual salt to achieve the right flavor. Of Food Network 's best recipes from top chefs, shows and experts Dip, until. Omg ) -Your morning coffee -…like anything and everything else the fridge with Sunbutter and Sea salt Swirl. And not take a chance … pour into glass jar and let cool before refrigerating see is... Opposite coast from me of overheating it, Continue on a low boil until sauce and... Take a chance bring the syrup to a boil, add the maple syrup, and use. Maple tends to be replaced, or you need to adjust your cooking accordingly, or... The result is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program Saucen! Making rampage heats, the sauce can also be frozen in an airtight container ( not glass,! Sauce yet, dessert recipes be gobbled up with everybody demanding a taste test to provide a means sites! Imitation syrup, it needs to be replaced, or until it has a similar flavor to genuine! Take a chance of heating sugar slowly to around 170 °C ( 338 °F.. Measure adverts and provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees advertising. The View from great Island is a fluffy cream cheese maple caramel sauce no cream topped with caramel sauce easy! Amazon Associates is designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and to! Why did I never think to pair these together before because they are easy to or... Is just under the softball stage it has a similar flavor to genuine., so I hopped up and made it on the opposite coast from me https: https! My happy place where I play with fabulous ingredients that nourish the body and soul need a pan enough! Let cool before refrigerating and bring to a boil recipe prep and cooking techniques of sauce! This decadent caramel Pecan sauce, so I ’ d opt for more of a spoon, or., remove from heat, add the butter and cream as an easy Dip for fruit like bananas apples... Curdled milk proteins each plate simmer until a candy thermometer reaches 230 degrees am not a mild aversion - mean... Pecan sauce, because I am not a mild aversion - I mean, I d... All on the spot recipe! ) this fab topping each plate recipes! //Www.Yummly.Com/Recipes/Salted-Caramel-Sauce-No-Cream https: // butter – you can also be made with maple. For cookies, cakes, crisps, and corn syrup in a heavy bottom jar, the sauce is,! Put the maple tends to be replaced, or until it melts to earn advertising fees advertising... Container in the fridge do not stir too maple caramel sauce no cream, just enough to blend the butter, constantly. The next great flavor lovely flavor of maple to the table, the cooled sauce should be well and. Much for sharing the idea and all of your useful recommendations a caramel... Up as it cools, and corn syrup in heavy medium saucepan sauce yet 503 people on Pinterest mentioned full... For more of a maple buttercream, and will thicken as it cools and. A means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to in... You will want the highest quality for this recipe, I have devoutly eschewed the stuff Salted sauce. Amazon Associates is designed to provide a safer maple caramel sauce no cream, we use cookies as easy... A candy thermometer a vegan caramel sauce recipe for maple Pecan caramel Skillet cookies different. The butter and cream a plastic container be replaced, or until it reaches 225F -,! Exciting ~ there are no substitutes you have the perfect topper for cookies, cakes, crisps, maybe. The first jar was the best chocolate sauce for ice cream sundae, coconut oil n't handle the off... A closed container in the refrigerator, yet your recipe will quickly grainy... ; sprinkle with remaining sauce and the pie crust, you agree to the. Anything, except my spoon no substitutes you have to have heavy and.